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Yachana Foundation

The Yachana Foundation has worked in the Amazon region of Ecuador for the past 21 years. On the Napo River in Ecuador, it is only accessible by motorized canoe. Its mission is to provide a quality accredited high school and vocational education to indigenous youth from remote regions of the Amazon. Due to poverty, ethnicity and geographic location, this opportunity has not been available.

At Yachana, youth participate in operating Yachana’s successful eco lodge where they learn a variety of skills such as hotel and restaurant management, sustainable agricultural and environmental practices as well as the necessary training to become certified as ecoguides in Ecuador’s tourist industry.

Since 2007, The Isora Foundation has partnered with Yachana to achieve its long-term development goals. Grants from the Isora Foundation have assisted in purchasing 75 new acres of rain forest, funded material for constructing a tree nursery and new classrooms. The foundation has also provided for purchasing of motorized equipment, water tanks, internet repeaters, and a concrete mixer.

The Isora Foundation supports Yachana’s mission to become the leading educational center for indigenous youth in the Amazon region.