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No Limits

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No Limits is the only theater group in the country in which the actors are deaf children learning to speak. Founded in 1996 in Culver City, Calif.,their mission is to meet the auditory,speech, language and self esteem needs of deaf children by engaging them in theater production. No Limits has produced 45 original productions with oral deaf children in nine states. Their Auditory, Speech and Language Center provides free individual therapy, a bi- weekly reading program, and weekly parenting classes to low income families in the Los Angles area.

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This year, No Limits taught hundreds of kids across the country to perform on stage. Their July performance of " Believe It or Not" in Los Angeles at the Kirk Douglas Theater was a huge success. Over 600 people attended the performance which was followed by a reception for the audience and actors. The Isora Foundation supports the efforts No Limits to teach oral deaf kids all over the country to speak through theater productions. There are No Limits as to what they can achieve