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Compassionate Touch Network

minds interrupted
Baltimore, MD
Compassionate Touch Network creates the grassroots theater production of â€oeMinds Interrupted” in different communities around the USA. â€oeMinds Interrupted” is an evening of seven heartfelt monologues. The production offers ordinary people, whose lives have been impacted by mental illness, to write and present their own stories in a public theater. Often these stories have never been told because of the shame, guilt, confusion and fear surrounding these illnesses. For the audience and the participants, this process of sharing is transformative. One presenter said, "I feel like I've waited my whole life to tell this story."

In 2011, The Isora Foundation helped to sponsor the production of â€oeMinds Interrupted” at the University of New Mexico Continuing Education Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One out of every four families is affected by mental illness.

The Isora Foundation is committed to helping those individuals tell their stories and find their voice to change the stigmatization which surrounds mental disease.

Espanola, NM

SF Presenters Celebrate
Santa Fe, NM